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Montagu Leiwater Gebruikersvereniging PRIVACY POLICY


What data we collect on the website:

NONE. We do not use cookies, trackers, affiliate links or any other technology to identify you on the website. Our website works perfectly without all that stuff, and we hope you enjoy the experience knowing that we are not aiming for world domination.

Privacy policies of other websites

We have links on our site to other sites. This Privacy Policy only covers this site, so if you click on a link to an external site, please read their privacy policy.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We review our policy regularly, and any changes are placed on this page. This policy was last updated 6 July 2021.

The Information Regulator

Should you wish to report a complaint, or if you feel we have not addressed your concern satisfactorily, please contact the Information Regulator on: complaints.ir@justice.gov.za
We can't find a phone number for them, sorry.

Contact Us

We don't have an office as such, so please contact our Secretary on:

☎  +27 (0)71 477 7791

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