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Applications / Aansoeke

Download the appropriate form, fill it in, and email it to us.
Aflaai die regte vorm, voltooi, en epos.

Form A1: New application for leiwater - you do not currently have a leiwater allocation and you'd like one
Vorm A1: Nuwe aansoek vir leiwater - u wil graag 'n beurt hê.


Form N1: New owner details - You've taken ownership of a property with an existing leiwater allocation
Vorm N1: Nuwe eienaar besonderhede - U het eienaarskap aanvaar van 'n eiendom met 'n bestaande leiwaterbeurt


Form E1: Application for extra water - You have a leiwater allocation, and would like to apply for more water
Vorm E1: Aansoek vir addisionele water - U het reeds 'n beurt maar verlang meer water


Contact Us

We don't have an office as such, so please contact our Secretary on:

☎  +27 (0)71 477 7791

✉  Email us

☛  PO Box 558, Montagu, Western Cape, South Africa, 6720

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